Anonymous asked:
you should lose just a bit of weight then youd be hotter cause flab isn't sexy.

I don’t need to do jack shit.

I’m beautiful the way I am.

I love my “flab” so go take your insecurity hating somewhere else. Just cause you probably hate your body doesn’t mean you can come to me to try and diss on mine cause I’m confident.

Coward fucktard.

Thanks, bye.

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  1. pastelsparkles said: i think you’re beautiful no matter how much ‘flab’ is on your body
  2. greensunshine18 said: What a dick! Great response. Be comfortable in ur skin cuz you’re gorgeous
  3. singmeashanty said: Again anon go fuck yourself. Her body is sexy as hell.
  4. stayirrelevantt said: bitches be trippin’
  5. xjennersonx said: WTF?! Gahh I hate anons…
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